Johnson's in the Mix Style Barbecue Sauce (Case of 12)

12 bottles per cases
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Johnson's In The Mix Style Barbecue Sauce is a nice blend of sweet & spicy sauce that will wake up the taste buds in a good way . The hot will kick in first and then the sweet will soothe the burn. Like all of our products it's customer inspired and tested . That's what's so great about it. People know what they like and this is it! The best of both worlds, HOT and SWEET both, but you can limit the amount of heat that you get buy the amount of sauce you put on what you're eating. The more you put on it the hotter it is! If you put just a little, it is not hot at all. If You have any questions contact us at Johnson's BBQ 700 east walnut st Harrisburg IL62946 Monday- Saturday 10:00 - 7:00: Sunday 11:00 - 7:00

12 Bottles per Case

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